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Small town names along route

A few miles on we came across Twin Arrows and nearer Phoenix another called Bumble Bee


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Meteor crater - it is a really BIG hole

There is 6 ft high life size figure down the bottom of the crater to give perspective but at the crater you probably need binoculars to see it


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The Eagles lyrics - Take it Easy

We're both on holiday again this time in Winslow Arizona. The guy taking the photo missed out getting the flatbed ford to the right in the shot.


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Sign outside the Halona Inn

They use blue wheat flour in lots of baked items in New Mexico - sampled muffins and fry bread both using the flour


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Big day on the I40 then I17 to Phoenix

sunny 43 °C

Huge breakfast at the Inn before we headed off. First stop was Winslow - check the photo that I'll post to see what Eagles song you think it's from. Not a big town and hard to get a coffee there. Next stop was the meteor crater. Just a big hole in the ground according to Sarah. Massive force on impact and small parts of the meteor travelled a further 3000 ft further down from the crater floor. ( Im sure the girls will be impressed by that ).We had a bit of time to kill before catching up with one of Brittany's buddies who's family have moved back to Phoenix so we went along to the Scottsdale gun club. Sarah had always wanted to have a go at shooting a hand gun. We grabbed a glock 9 mm for our first experience.Auntie Bug - do you want a couple of crack marksmen in the Whangaparaoa police force? We're ready anytime after we get back. We then headed on to see Brenna and her family - really good to catch up. They live in a gated community in a stunning house. For all the golfers out there the community has a golf course that encircles the complex.I just can't believe I forgot to get a photo of us all. Had a nice Mexican meal at Cien Agaves in Old Scottsdale after we had a drink at the The Rusty Spur Saloon. Didn't get checked into the hotel till around 10pm. It's also getting warmer down here 109f this afternoon and dropping to 102f after dinner on the way to the hotel.

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