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I'm sure we've still got room to bring back the BBQ 17.06.2013
A descent fire engine - 38 ft turning circle 17.06.2013
Part of the main shopping drag at Palm Desert 17.06.2013
Marilyn Monroe is the bigger one 16.06.2013
Thought we would try some Thai tonight 16.06.2013
A very happy wife with her new shoes and bag ensemble 16.06.2013
I don't know why but I'm not allowed to bring this home 15.06.2013
Mist spray to add humidity to air and to cool things down 15.06.2013
Hummingbird checking out the flowers 15.06.2013
Palm Springs - downtown eateries and shops 15.06.2013
Spot the hummingbird in palm tree 15.06.2013
Finally spotted some people that buy more than Sarah does! 15.06.2013
Mango/ key lime cheesecake 13.06.2013
Cheesecake Factory - lemon piccata 13.06.2013
Movie theatre in Rancho Mirage 13.06.2013
A flight despatch look a like! 13.06.2013
The dogs even get a choice here 13.06.2013
Palm Springs and Coachella valley 13.06.2013
Though we would try Mexican this evening. 11.06.2013
Skechers factory in Moreno Valley 11.06.2013
Sarah enjoying her laps in the pool each morning 11.06.2013
Palm Springs relaxing with nice warm weather 11.06.2013
Sarah got this from a fortune cookie 11.06.2013
Chocolate malt - it's so close to heaven! 08.06.2013
Sarah loves her vanilla malt 08.06.2013
Last day of our road trip - now for a break in Palm Springs 08.06.2013
Inside the Rusty Spur Saloon 08.06.2013
Tried Mexican tonight around the corner from The Rusty Spur 08.06.2013
A very thirsty cowgirl 08.06.2013
We're just out of Phoenix and starting to get warmer at 4pm 08.06.2013
Small town names along route 08.06.2013
Meteor crater - it is a really BIG hole 08.06.2013
The Eagles lyrics - Take it Easy 07.06.2013
Sign outside the Halona Inn 07.06.2013
Big day on the I40 then I17 to Phoenix 07.06.2013
Other half of Inn at Halona 06.06.2013
Is this for real? 06.06.2013
Zuni - The Inn at Halona 06.06.2013
6 engines pulling wagons that go for miles 06.06.2013
Sarah the coffee critic said its the best coffee in Santa Fe 06.06.2013
Heading now to Zuni peublo 06.06.2013
Our Bobcat Inn accommodation 06.06.2013
Late afternoon smoke from big fires nearby 06.06.2013
My police buddy 05.06.2013
Amazing galleries along Canyon Rd 05.06.2013
World famous Bobcat Bite burger 05.06.2013
About as close as we've got to seeing a bobcat 05.06.2013
Best ever waitress and only 11 years old 05.06.2013
Bobcat Bite - couldn't believe the wait for the burger 05.06.2013
Santa Fe burger institution 05.06.2013
A couple of trains at the Santa Fe railway station 05.06.2013
Very helpful dude at the information centre 05.06.2013
Had to check out the local law enforcement 05.06.2013
Paper - scissors - rock sculpture on Canyon Rd 05.06.2013
Arty Santa Fe 05.06.2013
Having a coffee before breakfast - Bobcat Inn Santa Fe 05.06.2013
Set built for movie Wildhogs in Madrid New Mexico 04.06.2013
Nice coffee place in Madrid 04.06.2013
Italian tonight in Santa Fe 04.06.2013
Farmington to Santa Fe via Turquoise Trail 04.06.2013
Wildlife photo - prairie dog near Santa Fe 04.06.2013
Bikie dog with goggles 04.06.2013
Don't stop in Cuba for a coffee 04.06.2013
Thought this photo could be sent to sideswipe 04.06.2013
You know you're getting closer to cowboy country 04.06.2013
Lovely and warm for eating outside 03.06.2013
A tech stop to do the you know what 03.06.2013
From Monument Valley to Farmington 03.06.2013
In four states at one time called four corners 03.06.2013
Couple of Harley guys from Missouri - nice trailer 03.06.2013
Trying out some traditional Navajo food with fry bread 03.06.2013
Sunrise through the mittens 03.06.2013
Little critter having a look around 03.06.2013
View from the left side of balcony 03.06.2013
Looking to the right from our balcony 03.06.2013
Proof we do go on holiday together 03.06.2013
This place is so spectacular 02.06.2013
Glen Canyon dam - Colorado river near Page 02.06.2013
Preserved dinosaur foot prints found nearby 02.06.2013
Monument Valley 02.06.2013
Kanab film fun facts.... 02.06.2013
American bikes only - others maybe around the back 02.06.2013
Came across this place for dinner - really nice 02.06.2013
If you want cowboy clothing this could be the place 02.06.2013
Getting close to Kanab now 02.06.2013
Always ask for a small coffee - this is small! 02.06.2013
Bear Paw cafe - St George - Utah 01.06.2013
Gorge on the way to St George 01.06.2013
I'm afraid the one dollar went down the gurgler 01.06.2013
Las Vegas to Kanab 01.06.2013
Not sure if this fashion would catch on in NZ during winter 01.06.2013
Part of the Bellagio amazing flower display 31.05.2013
Bellagio fountain 31.05.2013
Parking the Aston Martin after a 6 lap workout! 31.05.2013
Fast and Furious Las Vegas 31.05.2013
On the track now finishing our first lap 31.05.2013
More serious now and soaking up the last minute tuition 31.05.2013
We are a very excited racing driver 31.05.2013
Our hotel in North Las Vegas 31.05.2013
Just before midday and getting warm outside 31.05.2013
Driving in Death Valley and loving her new car 31.05.2013
Panamint Springs Resort - not sure about the star rating 31.05.2013
Didn't spot any of these around - must have gone on holiday 31.05.2013
Driving down into Panamint valley 31.05.2013
We survived Death Valley... 30.05.2013
Sarah's new car 30.05.2013
Baby bone yard close to Edwards airforce base. 30.05.2013
So many choices, so little trolley. Costco heaven. 30.05.2013
Ridgecrest 29.05.2013
Getting Ready 25.05.2013